Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review of Asus 1005HA 10-inch Netbook

So far so good. There is a good quality feel to the package. Keyboard has good feel with well spaced keys for such a small device. It is slightly bigger than the original EEE PC. The only slightly negative points are that: 
1) Try as I might, I couldn't get the battery to last more than 6 hours, but I suppose that is with the Wifi on and using it fairly constantly, on average brightness. I guess to get it to last the claimed 8.5 hours, you will probably have to dim the screen a lot more and turn off the Wifi.

2) The cursor keys are strangely shaped and I kept hitting the wrong key.

3) The dimpled trackpad area doesn't feel well designed and isn't as responsive as other laptops I have had.

4) The trackpad button is a rocker type affair for left and right clicks and takes a little more pressure to activate than I would like.

But that said, it is a great little laptop with a great battery life. I will probably be buying a couple for the rest of the family.

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