Monday, July 26, 2010

How to install Windows XP without USB, Floppy or CD Drive

  • Use a 2ndPC. Download WinToFlash to 2nd PC.
  • Put your target hard disk in a USB caddy and mount it in 2nd PC. 
  • Get your original XP CD onto 2nd PC. 
  • Run WinToFlash. Go to advanced mode. 
  • Select "Transfer Windows Setup to USB Drive", and click "Run". 
  • Select Windows source path as your XP CD, and the USB Drive as your target hard disk, and click "Run".
  • When completed, Mount your target hard disk in your target PC/laptop, and boot.
  • Select text mode (1st option) from the menu.
  • Set up Windows XP in normal fashion. 

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