Sunday, December 5, 2010

Removing Samsung Kies Outlook Add in

In Outlook 2007:

  • Tools -> Trust Centre
  • Click "Add ins"
  • Select "Exchange Client Extensions" and click Go
  • Uncheck "Redemption Helper Outlook Extension"
  • Click OK.


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! It worked and removed an irritant. JS

Unknown said...

Thanks! it works like a charm and removed an irritant.

IZIZ said...


Michael Comet said...

Thanks! For those using Outlook 2003 still go to:
Tools | Options menu
in the dialog go to "Other" tab.
Then click on "Advanced Options..."
In that dialog click "Add-In Manager". Then uncheck the box for "Redemption Helper Outlook Extension". Click OK to close all the dialogs.
This will help remove the error when having un-installed Kies.

nano said...

Thanxa a lot. It worked for my Outlook 2007

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