Monday, May 9, 2011

Running Windows Scheduled Task Batch File Minimized

  • For the batch file "MyBatchFile.bat", create a shortcut : "C:\Shortcut to MyBatchFile.bat.lnk". 
  • Goto to the properties of the shortcut file and set the Run window state to "Minimized".
  • In the Windows Scheduler, create a task.
  • Browse to the shortcut, and finish creating the scheduled task.
  • When you are done, go back the the schedule tasks and edit the properties of the "MyBatchFile" scheduled task.
  • Replace the filename of "C:\MyBatchFile.bat" with the filename of the shortcut :"C:\Shortcut to MyBatchFile.bat.lnk"
Your schedule task will now run minimized.


Unknown said...

After replacing filepath.bat.lnk, schedule task shows status : could not start.
That means its not working...

Admin said...

Windows 7 has varying levels of User Account Control (UAC) that may affect the success of a Task Scheduler job. You may have to set the security of the job to either run only when logged in or set the login credentials separately in the job.

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